reijo | storm's original band

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reijo | storm's original band

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Hello all. I'm a new member as I just purchased the GCP through Sweetwater and thought I'd better poke around and introduce myself as well.

I am lead guitarist and co-songwriter and co-vocalist for the band 'reijo' [ ] and we have a wide range of styles and sounds. I also play The Edge in a U2 tribute show so that should give you some of the idea of the range of sounds I need to produce live.

Anyway, the point is I am a new proud owner of a GCP which will control an 11R, a Pod HD Pro, and our show control computer (mostly probably just switching our sequences in our theatre software or else Reason...). It was a lot pedal dancing and triggering and so far so good now with the GCP.

Our latest song is called 'Shadows' and the GCP will help provide the switching on stage. I'm going to test if [ soundcloud ] links work in this forum or if it's just a url link.

Hope you like the track. We've got our album for sale online and more tracks released on soundcloud.

Thanks Voodoo Labs for a wonderful product. No if only I can get the etxt editors to edit my GCP dumps cleanly I could change presets quickly....that's the next step instead of editing names in the pedal.

storm | guitarist | reijo

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