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The Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp is being updated to include MIDI channel switching, front and rear input jacks, and a new footswitch. Same great tone with no changes to the audio path or cabinet simulator. Please check back for updated release info.

The Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp delivers superb tone suitable for both direct recording and live performance in a convenient single rack space package. It features three channels and an all vacuum tube design.

Clean, Rhythm and Lead channels provide a good range of voicings and gain structures. Tone controls include two sets of bass, mid and treble plus bright switches for each channel. Common to all channels is an emphasis on a tight bottom end with a rich, well defined midrange.

The Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp is particularly attractive for project studios and home recording. In addition to standard 1/4'' line outs, both balanced XLR and unbalanced direct outputs are included along with our Cabtone cabinet simulator circuitry. The Cabtone provides a realistic, fully analog simulation of both 4x12 closed and 2x12 open back speaker cabinets. This preamp is also exceptionally quiet due to its power supply design, which includes a toroidal transformer and fully filtered and regulated DC heater supply.

The clean channel is airy and open with huge headroom. Its gain ranges from sparkly clean to a sweet bluesy overdrive. A Punch switch adds girth to the mids and bottom as well as slightly more gain.

The rhythm channel yields the fat, bold crunch of our favorite vintage British amps, with emphasis on plenty of low end chunk. This channel’s gain ranges from a warm medium crunch to a grinding modern rhythm.

The lead channel delivers searing modern-style rock attack with clarity and definition. Its gain ranges from an edgier version of the rhythm channel to blistering full-shred.

Whether live or in the studio, the Voodoo Lab Guitar Preamp is a full featured, all-tube preamp that will satisfy the most demanding tone connoisseur.

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